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I first met Claire just over two years ago at a stage when after a recent hysterectomy my hormones were in a state of great change and I was suffering from problems with my skin and severe nose bleeds.

Since seeing Claire she has identified several food allergies and intolerances and through her treatment these problems have almost been eradicated. To say that I am a bit of a challenge is an understatement but at all times Claire is always understanding, persevering and has copious amounts of advice.

I always leave the session feeling a lot more relaxed and cheerful. Claire has also treated my son who suffered from very itchy skin which cleared almost immediately after Claire established that he was intolerant to lactose and allergic to pork.


I have two sisters also being treated by Claire who also find her of great help. I would recommend Claire to anyone suffering with ailments in despondency like I was as she will help you in any way possible to find a solution.



My reason for seeing Claire was to have allergy testing and my nutrient intake checked. I’m so glad that I did.
There have been huge benefits; some of them unexpected.

For instance, my IBS symptoms, including the embarrassing wind, have simply gone away.
The list of foods that I can eat has actually increased and, especially now I know that the food that I'm eating is right for my health, I'm really enjoying cooking again.


Seeing Claire as my Nutritionist is proving to be a very good decision, with help in so many different ways.
For me it's a small 'retirement investment' with huge returns!



I am in my late 40's and for a long time I was plagued with stomach problems which various GP's over several years were unable to resolve. Despite being a natural cynic regarding alternative therapies I felt I had no alternative but to try something different and I booked an allergy test in early 2013.

Claire tested me using a remarkable process called Kinesiology which, despite my cynicism, has very accurately pinpointed dietary and intolerance issues and has resolved my stomach problems literally overnight.


I have subsequently referred various friends and family to Claire and would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone with similar issues. 



For almost 20 years I have had my summers ruined by hayfever. Then Claire helped me by identifying the various triggers and food intolerances that were exacerbating my hayfever and rhinitis . I don't admit to being completely symptom free yet, but after my first two years of treatments with Claire my symptoms had been dramatically reduced. I can even enjoy being outside on summer evenings now.'



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