Claire Hoare's vast expierience and expertise in Nutritional and Allergy Therapy is suitable for anyone of any age - take your first steps towards a better lifestyle by taking up her offer of a FREE 10 minute consultation

My name is Claire Hoare and I am an Allergy and Nutritional Therapist, based in Blakeney Gloucestershire.

I also hold clinics at Love and Light in Chepstow, Viney Hall, Viney Hill and The Garden Retreat, Taurus Crafts, Lydney.


I have 19 years experience in treating food intolerance and a wide range of health problems.


I look at the body as a whole, taking into account past health, diet and lifestyle.


I am registered with the British Institute of Allergy and Environmental Therapists, the British Complementary Medicine Association and am a Member of the Register of Allergy Therapists.

And start living healthily TODAY