Claire Hoare Complimentary Therapist Gloucestershire

All aspects of health can be discussed in relation to diet and nutrition. Many people suffer from chronic health problems which may be controlled by medication or just accepted as part of everyday life; with Allergy Therapy this need not be the case.


Did you know that what you eat has a direct effect on your health?

Do you want to feel the best you possibly can?


My name is Claire Hoare and I am an Allergy and Nutritional Therapist, based in Viney Hill, Gloucestershire. 


I have 27 years experience in helping people get well.



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I first met Claire in 1998 when I was having severe problems with food intolerances, and she now sees me and my husband on a regular basis. With Claire's professional help and guidance we are both in very good health, and we would like to thank her for being there for us over all these years.




Claire Hoare

Find out how your health can be improved with allergy and intolerance testing and nutritional advice